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26th August 2016 

Reflexology, Reiki, Flower Essences and Organic Skin Care Products in Bradford, Leeds and Skipton

I am a reflexologist registered with the Association of Reflexologists, a reiki practitioner and flower essence counsellor in the Bradford area. I also sell organic skin care products throughout the UK.


Reflexology, Reiki and Flower Essences treatments 27. Discounted rate for senior citizens.
Baby Reflex 40.

Gift vouchers are available for all my therapies.

If you would like to book a treatment or buy a gift voucher please get in touch by email or phone on 01274 412808 or 07817657559.

I work throughout the Bradford area, including Ilkley, as well as in West Leeds, Skipton, Calderdale and Pendle. I am a mobile therapist visiting clients in their own homes.

I have worked with complementary therapies for twenty years and I offer a combination of treatments for physical and emotional wellbeing. Treatments are suitable for all ages from babies to elderly people, and I regularly work with people with learning disabilities.

This ancient therapy has been used over the centuries to treat many conditions, including arthritis, digestive disorders, insomnia and stress.

As a mobile therapist I offer reflexology throughout the Leeds, Bradford and Skipton areas.

I also give relaxing hand and foot massage to people with learning disabilities.

Baby Reflex
Baby Reflex is a therapy available to parents of babies aged 2 weeks to 2 years. Baby reflexology is a key for calming baby and is a technique taught to parents over a 3 week course to groups or a 2 hour individual session.

The term reiki comes from Japan and means 'universal life force energy'. The treatment works on the energy centres of the body, or chakras.

Flower Essences
The healing properties of flowers have been known for centuries. Flower Remedies are used to treat emotional states such as grief, fear and anxiety. I offer Flower Essences to all my Reflexology and Reiki customers in the Bradford, Leeds and Skipton areas.

I also prescribe flower essences for babies and children. These are completely safe, for infants right through to teenagers.

Organic Skin Care
I market a range of skin care products, made by Green People in the UK.

I sell gift vouchers and offer discounts to groups and older people for reflexology and reiki in the Bradford,Leeds and Skipton areas. I also offer gift vouchers for baby reflexology sessions.

For my prices see individual web pages.

Please contact me by phone on 01274 412808 or 07817 657559 or by email.