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Reflexology is a relaxing and enjoyable therapy.

Reflexology treatments and gift vouchers are £27 and £25 discounted rate for senior citizens and children.
Baby Reflex and Gift Vouchers are £40.

Reflexology Gift Vouchers available for all occasions.
The perfect birthday present.
The ideal gift for Mother's Day!

NEW! I now offer Gentle Touch Reflexology, a very soothing treatment, in addition to classic reflexology treatments. (See below)
Gentle Touch is suitable for those who prefer a light treatment, or for those who have painful feet. Gentle Touch is particularly helpful for older people including frail and elderly people.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing foot massage which tones the system, bringing the body back into balance. The massage works on areas of the foot, which correspond to organs and zones of the body. I use traditional reflexology based on the Ingham method and also Chinese foot massage techniques for an effective treatment.

The practice of reflexology dates back to ancient times and was known worldwide. There are records of treatments similar to reflexology in ancient Egypt, China, Japan and Europe in the Middle Ages. It was also practised in North America and in India. Some people believe that reflexology has most in common with the Ayurvedic system of medicine still practised in India today. An Indian saying goes

'Illness does not approach those who daily massage their feet and legs as snakes do not approach eagles'

How can Reflexology Help?
Reflexology has been known to be beneficial for arthritis, back pain and muscular pain, including whiplash injuries.

It may be helpful in cases of insomnia, migraine and stress. Stress is the second most commonly reported work related illness in the UK, and many working days are lost each year due to this condition. In 2009 to 2010 435,000 people suffered work related stress.

Digestive and urinary problems are often relieved by this treatment too, as are menstrual problems.

Who can Benefit from Reflexology?
Reflexology is beneficial to people of all ages from babies and toddlers to elderly people.

As well as a feeling of well being customers usually feel very relaxed after a treatment. They often feel more energetic the next day and may experience a gradual easing of symptoms.

Although most people come to me for treatment with a particular condition, they usually return for regular monthly treatments to maintain good health.

For parents, I offer a course to enable them to learn reflexology techniques to use with their babies from 2 weeks to 2 years old. (See the Baby Reflex page)


For adults with learning disabilities I offer a relaxing hand and foot massage with aromatherapy oils. I work in both nursing homes and supported accommodation. I find that my clients love the physical contact, and for those with no family or few visitors, they welcome my regular treatment sessions.

For people with severe disabilities, who find it hard to go out, or who do not enjoy outings, reflexology or massage is an alternative activity. It is also part of the person centred planning package for many more able bodied clients. I have worked with clients with challenging behaviour and autism for more than six years and find that the treatments help in calming and improving mood.

I am often the first to spot problem areas on the feet such as broken nails or blisters etc. Massage improves circulation to both hands and feet and generally helps health and well being.

What happens during a reflexology treatment?
At the first visit, I complete a medical questionnaire to find out more about you and we discuss your needs. After I have examined the feet the reflexology session takes one hour. I give a full treatment each time but always concentrate on those reflex points relating to your condition, detecting areas of the foot needing particular attention. I usually see people weekly at first and then at regular fortnightly or monthly intervals.

How much does it cost?

I charge £27 for a reflexology treatment.
I give discounts to older people, children and those on benefit. I charge £22 for hand and foot massage for people with learning disabilities.

Groups - For groups of four or more, I charge £10 per head for a 30 minute session. This is not a full treatment but can be either a taster session for those considering reflexology, or a relaxing treatment to destress.

Baby Reflex - a course for parents; see the baby reflexology page. £40 for an individual parent or couple, taught in two one hour sessions.


If you would like a treatment please contact me on 01274 412808 or 07817 657559
or by email. Click through from the home page.

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