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About Reiki
Reiki originated in Japan and the term means 'universal life force energy'. This treatment involves the reiki practitioner connecting with healing energy which is all around us and channeling this healing to the client.

The healing is conducted through my hands into the energy centres of the body known as 'chakras'. There are seven major chakras in the body.

These are known as the crown chakra at the top of the head, the brow chakra, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base.

What Conditions Can be Helped by Reiki?
Reiki is helpful for stress and relaxation. Some people with chronic conditions find it brings relief when other therapies do not work. It can help reduce pain and also can assist with emotional problems. Reiki can also support other therapies and it is safe for everyone from babies to elderly people.

I also give reiki in the form of absent healing to pets and animals. This involves visualising the animal concerned and sending reiki energy from a distance. Unless I have met the animal and owner, a photograph is needed for this!

How will I feel after a Reiki treatment?
People often feel a deep sense of peace after a reiki session. During the session itself my hands become very hot as healing is channeled to the client.

What to Expect from a Treatment
I always go through some medical questions with my clients to see how I can help. The treatment involves a deeply relaxing healing session of about an hours duration.


I normally charge £27 for a reiki treatment and I also do discounts for older people and those on benefit.

Gift vouchers are available for all occasions. Mother's Day is on 26th March this year. Why not treat your Mum to a Reiki session?

I charge £20 for absent healing for pets.

To arrange a treatment please contact me on 01274 412808 or 07817657559 or by email. Click through from the home page.

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