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About Flower Essence Therapy #01


Flower remedies have been used for centuries by native people, who recognised the healing properties of the dew on flowers and plants. While herbal remedies use the whole plant for medicine, it is only the blooms which are used to make a flower essence.

How can Flower Essences Help?

Flower remedies are used to treat emotional problems. They may be of great benefit at times of change and transition, such as during bereavement, moving house or changing jobs. Chronic conditions such as depression or low self esteem often respond well to the essences too.

Other emotional states such as fear, anxiety, or loneliness may be helped by the essences.

Flower essences are completely safe for babies, children and elderly people. I also use the remedies with animals and pets, and have had good results with restoring nervous animals to health.

Which Flower Essences are used?

I stock
Bach Remedies
Bailey Essences
Findhorn Flower Essences

The Bach Remedies
Dr.Edward Bach devised his original Flower Essences in the 1930s, and they are now widely available. He created 38 essences which can be used to treat emotional conditions and phobias, and states such as indecision, and depair. His work is world famous and his remedies have proved invaluable in the treatment of emotional problems.

Bailey Essences
Arthur Bailey created his flower essences from the late 1960's through until early 2008. His essences are for attitudes of mind; that is how people see and relate to the world around them. These remedies are for personal growth and transformation.

The Findhorn Flower Essences
These are made at Findhorn in Scotland by their creator, Marion Leigh. Maron has connected deeply with nature to create her essences which are made using Scottish wild flowers and pure water from sacred healing wells. The essences restore equilibrium and enhance personal development. They can be used in times of trouble, and in the most difficult of circumstances.

How I Choose the Remedies You need

I use dowsing to prescribe the correct combination of essences for each individual. Although I need to see you for an initial consultation, I can determine what essences you need from a distance so follow up prescriptions can be posted or collected.



£27 Adults - First Consultation including prescription
£22 Children - First Consultation including prescription
£20 Pets - Owner consultation including prescription
£13.50 Consultation with another treatment including remedies
£13.50 Additional remedies, plus postage and packing as appropriate

To book an appointment phone 01274 412808 or 07817657559

Or send me an email. Click through from the home page.

Healthlines - the Flower Essence People

This is what Healthlines have to say about their work:-

At Healthlines we import, distribute, use, prescribe, teach and make essences; in fact, we are passionate about them. Healthlines is a partnership of professional natural health therapists using essences to great effect to support our clients. Our purpose is to facilitate their availability and to ensure the growth of this divine transformational gift. We can usualy post them to you on the day we receive your order. Practitioner enquiries welcome.

To visit the Healthlines website click here

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