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Baby reflex is a lovely therapy for parents to use with their own children. It can be used with babies from 2 weeks to 2 years old. Unlike baby massage, baby reflexology can be used any time anywhere, as Mum or Dad can use the technique on babies feet at home or out and about - in the supermarket, on the bus or waiting at the school gates for big brother or sister; whenever baby needs soothing. Babies love the attention and parents are less stressed knowing that they have the key for calming baby literally at their finger tips.

Baby reflexology can be used to help with problems such as colic, teething, boosting baby's immune system, insect stings and for generally soothing baby when she or he is crying.

Baby reflex was developed by a reflexologist and physiotherapist called Jenny Lee who has done research work on childhood asthma and reflexology with some wonderful results for young children.

To find out more about baby reflexology just click here to go straight to the baby reflex website.

I hold a child care qualification and as a community worker have 20 years experience of running groups and workshops. Baby reflex is a course taught to parents or to professionals in two one hour sessions.

The cost of the course is:-

For an individual parent or couple- £40 for two one hour tutorials.


And remember that this is a course for life - to be used for every child in the family and for bringing harmony to baby and to the parents.

Reflexology for Babies

As a reflexologist I can also provide an individual treatment for your baby. Building reflexology into a baby's routine can be a perfect way to ensure that a support mechanism is in place as babies grow and develop. Issues such as colic, teething, and sleeping difficulties can be helped by baby reflexology. The immune system is boosted too!

I can also provide a joint reflexology session for baby and parent. Research has shown that reflexology improves the quality of sleep in postnatal women, which is always a bonus with a young baby!

Reflexology for Toddlers and Young Children

Toddlers and young children love fun and excitement at this time of huge physical, emotional and cognitive growth. However there is so much going on in their bodies and minds that even at this early age they are prone to stress. Common stressors can include potty training, separation anxiety, the birth of a sibling, or the death of a grand parent or pet. Reflexology can be a great support at these times. Stress can show itself as change in sleeping patterns, thumb sucking, nail biting, or chewing hair, becoming clingy or withdrawn. Temper tantrums can also increase.

Children find reflexology fun and enjoy talking about the points on the feet and how these relate to the body.

Reflexology for Teenagers

Reflexology may help teenagers sleep better, manage mood swings and the stress and pressure of exams. It can help balance hormones and is useful during puberty. Emotions often run high during the teenage years and reflexology can bring a sense of calm.

Teenagers should be reassured that the treatments are not ticklish and the sessions are revitalising. Also, yes, their feet ARE lovely.

Flower Essences for Babies and Children

Flower essences are completely safe to use with babies or small children, and teenagers can benefit too. For more information see the Flower Essences page of my website.

Baby Reflex and Reflexology for Babies and Children
To book a session just email me or call me on 01274 412808 or 07817657559.

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